Childproofing DIY Fail

I saw this video post on You Tube and wanted to share it with you as it’s a common SAFETY CONUNDRUM for DIY moms and dads:


When Common Childproofing Devices Don’t Work:   Babyproofing Fail on Home Outlets


There are many home safety hazards and a host of devices to eliminate them. Problem is, it’s hard to know which device works for the specific hazards in your home. Which is why DIY childproofing is often a frustrating task for parents.  DIYers have to try each option out.  If one childproofing solution doesn’t work, move to the next and keep trying until you find a viable solution. Lot’s of product returns and trips back to the store and often the stubborn safety conundrum gets tabled for “later.”  And all busy moms know what happens when we do that!


In some older homes the outlets are worn down so the push plugs don’t fit snugly. Although push plugs are the most cost effective childproofing solution, they are not the most failproof. The sliding outlet covers you pictured are the best, in my opinion which is why these devices are used by professional childproofers all over the world.  Yes, they are more expensive but they do the trick even in older homes as the sliding outlet cover replaces the old outlet cover (secured by screw into outlet) and the sliding mechanism and pressure creates a tight fit for any plug – no matter how worn out the outlet is. Make sense? Try it. You’ll love it. PLUS these are the most convenient for busy moms!


I’m a huge proponent of DIYers – heck, I am one – however, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend that you hire a professional childproofer (not a handy man who says he can do the job) to conduct a home consult to help you figure the safest and most cost effective childproofing blueprint for your home and all of it’s unique safety hazards and variables!  No web article (not even my Childproofing 101) can cover every home’s safety issues as each home poses unique issues per the architecture, furniture, the people who love there, etc.  You’ll feel so much peace of mind after an injury prevention pro has given you a safety sign off!

A sliding outlet cover is the safest and most convenient solution to childproofing an outlet.



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