Holiday Safety & Laundry Packets


Holiday Safety Tips for Families:

Be the KEY to Holiday Safety


By Kimberlee Mitchell,

Child Safety Expert & Founder of Boo Boo Busters

The holidays are in full swing and we have a lot on our radar as busy moms and dads, grandparents…really, everyone!  No matter where you are spending the holidays, please be mindful that a child’s curiosity never takes a vacation from unintentionally putting them in harm’s way. That said, it is KEY to stay on top of their care and safety everywhere you celebrate this season (and all others.)

In 2013, 9,000+ children 5 and younger have been exposed to laundry packets. Prevention is KEY! This blog post is a reminder to keep the laundry room locked and all household cleaning supplies up high and out of reach of children. If children are visiting your home, YOU are the KEY to providing a safe environment in which little ones can play. 

Get peace of mind and with these critical child safety reminders:

#1) Please keep in mind that serious harm & injury including accidental ingestion and eye exposure can occur if single-load liquid laundry packets are not safely stored (read tip #2 for safe storage tips).

#2) YOU can PREVENT these accidents from happening!  Treat laundry packets like any other home cleaning product.  Always store them up high, out of reach and sight of curious little ones. 

#3) Visit for more laundry safety tips and please share this important message with your friends and family. Let’s work together to keep our little ones safer in 2014!

The gravitational pull to take shortcuts during this wonderful yet very busy time is never greater than during the December month and the winter vacation days, so parents and anyone who is hosting a get together where children will be present, I implore you to employ the above tips, trust your instincts and keep baby/child safety fixed on your radar.

Me and my family wish you a safe and love-filled Christmas and holiday season.

Many blessings to you all!

Click here to watch my Laundry Room Safety VIDEOS

Please share with friends & family to help educate & prevent unintentional injury


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