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March 22, 2011

Thanks to “Safety Savvy” Bethenny

Child Safety Guru, Kimberlee Mitchell, and Bethenny Frankel, star of BravoTV's "Bethenny Ever After" and baby Bryn. Mitchell came to Frankel's NYC apartment for a childproofing consultation and installation.

Working on “Bethenny Ever After” was so fun!  Okay so the hours we spent walking–I mean crawling– through her apartment during my childproofing consultation did not make air.  I get it.  Child safety is vital, yet, not anywhere near as entertaining as Bethenny’s antics!

However, the overall message of the importance of creating a safe home environment for your baby did get conveyed.  This appearance showed moms that there are injury professionals, aka childproofers, out there that will come to the aid of new, overwhelmed, busy moms to help them tackle home childproofing.   It can be a daunting task to go it alone and having a professional who knows the ropes educate you about the specific safety hazards in your home, followed with the installation child safety products that eliminate the dangers is priceless. Ask my customers!

Thanks for your business Bethenny and, more importantly, kudos for setting a great example of a proactive, safety savvy mama! I’m routing for your move to LA so we can do this all over again.  Maybe next time, without the cameras!  🙂

Bethenny’s Testimonial on :

“There is nothing like peace of mind when thinking about the safety of your child.  There is no price for this. Kimberlee (Mitchell) comes and tells you everything to be aware of and installs safeguards throughout your home to prevent accidents,” says Bethenny Frankel.

Need help childproofing your home?  Call Boo Boo Busters today.

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March 21, 2011

Babyproofing Bethenny

My BravoTV Debut on “Bethenny Ever After”

Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Guru, Bethenny Frankel and Baby Nurse Gina discussing safety hazards

(…Continued from 3/20/11 blog post)

Admittedly not fan of small talk, the reality star jumped to it and started in asking me about, well, me.

How did you start your business?  What gave you the initial idea to become a child safety expert?  How did you become one? How old are your kids now? etc…

That might seem like small talk to you, but to me it was so very personal and I was not at all prepared.  She then went on to shower me with praise and compliments regarding my accomplishments in my career.  Wow. It was clear this came from a place of empathy. From someone who knows what it’s like to have an idea, act on it, celebrate successes, hit speed bumps (if not brick walls) and pursue with a passion nonetheless.  Bethenny really poured on her praise, but yet, so genuinely it rendered me speechless.

My guard dropped after that and I had a blast.  Bethenny made hilarious quips about everything I had to say.  We digressed constantly like two kids with ADD.  High energy and 100 mph. It was official; I absolutely adored her this woman. (Thankfully after the cameras were off I was able to go back through her apartment on my own and make note of things we didn’t touch on.)

I mentioned the old adage of seeing the environment from the child’s eye level and bam!  We were on our hands and knees crawling through the apartment for the rest of the childproofing consultation.  Leave it to Bethenny to put a fresh twist on my consults — something I’ve done thousands of times!  She was adorable, agile and zipped around like a pro in her stretch Skinny Girl pants.  I, on the other hand, was the stick-in-the- mud boob.  The leg I broke when I was pregnant makes crawling hard. But determined to stay on the floor which I figured made for funny TV, I crawled after her struggling to not expose my underwear on camera. Damn low rise jeans.

So tonight I’m excited to see what the producers edited for what will be my BravoTV debut.  One thing is for sure.  I am now a hands-down Bethenny Frankel fan.  Me and some pals even went to see her last week on a Skinny Girl Margarita bottle signing here in California.  I felt like a groupie but Bethenny was her lovely and radiant self.  She told me that I’m “all over the episode” tonight.  Right on. Gotta go clean the house before my pals get here and chill the Skinny Girl bottles, complete with Bethenny’s autograph. 🙂

I have a quick prayer for the show, however!

“Dear Lord, I pray that a few valuable safety tips are relayed to the viewers amidst our silly antics and that some mommies will follow Bethenny’s responsible and safety-savvy lead and childproof their own homes for their little ones. Oh, and I also pray that Bravo didn’t use a clip where my thong is showing.  Amen.”



March 20, 2010

Bethenny Frankel Joins the Celebrity Ranks of the Boo Boo Bust’d!

Last summer I went to NYC to do a Childproofing the Car segment on “Fox and Friends” and I crossed paths with reality TV star Bethenny Frankel who happened to be on the segment right before me.  I thought it coincidental because the week before I left for NYC my Bravo-addicted pal (shout out to Kim Sprague!) called me raving about how I really needed to go help Bethenny who just had a new baby.  She adored this reality star whom she’d never met and wanted me to adore her too.  I’ll pass.

Kim went on to explain — seemed more like lobbying — Bethenny’s life story (unloving parents, self made woman, the Apprentice,  entrepreneur, conquered fears, newlywed, new baby, her own Bravo Show, etc.) and I was intrigued enough to watch NY Housewives reruns on the plane back to CA-gotta love Jet Blue.  I wanted to see her have her baby so I tuned into “Bethenny Getting Married” when I got home.  I howled at Bethenny’s sick sense of humor and dead pan delivery.  I loved this pull no punches, kick-butt and take names, fun and passionate woman and I was so touched watching her enter motherhood!  Note, that I’ve never gone after any of my celebrity clients before. They just happened.  But this one, I wanted!   She needed me too, I just knew it.   So after a call to an ol’ publicist pal, (shout out Alfred Hopton!) I was now on her radar and Bethenny was into the idea of me coming over!

Bravo called shortly thereafter and I headed back to NYC in the fall.  I arrived at her Tribeca apartment, where I met the BEA crew Julie, Gina, Jason, sweet Bryn and Cookie.  Bethenny, however, wanted to meet me for the 1st time on camera to make our interactions “real” – hence reality TV.  So we avoided each other for 20-30 minutes while the crew got me miked up and ready to go.  Awkward.  It felt so odd not to say hi or even do the “wassup” head nod thing guys do.  Nothing.  I had my game face on but I was really getting nervous.  This was reality TV and it was her reality not mine.  What if this blows up in my face and she’s bored out of her mind with my safety drabble?  It’s not easy making safety fun.

“We’re ready for you Kimberlee!” the producer hollered.  I prayed, sucked it up and walked in. Bethenny greeted me and showed me to the couch.  She blew my mind right off the bat– I was floored and truly speechless…to be continued… on tomorrow’s 3/21 blog.


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