Giuliana and Bill Rancic Hire Kimberlee Mitchell



Celebrity House Call: Childproofing for Giuliana and Bill Rancic

  By Kimberlee Mitchell, Child Safety Expert 


In the fall of 2013, Giuliana and Bill Rancic realized baby Duke was on the move and it was due time to babyproof their home but they disagreed about the best way to move forward. Giuliana wanted to go all out and hire a professional, while Bill felt fully capable of spearheading the job on his own. So he jumped to it but eventually realized he may have bitten off more than he can chew after Giuliana hired Child Safety Expert, Kimberlee Mitchell to make a house call for a Professional Childproofing Consultation. I had a ball shooting this episode of E! TV’s Giuliana & Bill and was truly elated to see how what aired (click to watch episode here) after edit spoke to the reason why some folks really need to hire a pro for their home childproofing. Bill meant well but found that childproofing his custom home properly and efficiently was a job for the pros!

"You're hired!" says Bill Rancic to Kimberlee Mitchell.

Me, my “manager” and the talent.

Behind the Scenes

I met the Giuliana and Bill for the first time on-camera at the director’s request so our introduction was real and genuine for the viewers. We all sat down and they wanted to know how I became a child safety expert. Giuliana was surprised to hear I too worked at E! Entertainment Television in the newsroom years ago and we played the name game for a while until the producer gave us a look. We needed to stop gabbing and get to work!  I then moved into childproofing talk and Bill wanted to know what i saw in the room we were in so I started pointing things out. This is where he started to realize that he had underestimated professional childproofing and that injury prevention was truly an area of expertise. In between lighting set ups in the living room (which never made the edited segment) and the kitchen, we all gathered around the TV in the kitchen to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Bill cheered on his beloved Chicago Blackhawks and  everyone exploded in cheers and high fives when they won!  Duke, who was asleep when I arrived, slept like a champ through the whole shoot–even during the loud celebrating! My daughter Chloe tagged along but hung out off-camera with the production crew watching a small video monitor of us in the house. She’s been on the set with me before and always gives me great notes, “Mom you look great and you’re doing really well but you are bugging your eyes out and it looks odd. Relax your brow and smile a little more.” Seriously. This child is so insightful and invaluable professionally! I implemented her notes and finished my work. After the shoot wrapped, Giuliana and Bill learned she was there and invited her in to meet her and snap a photo. My Chloe was elated when Giuliana gave her a thumbs up on her outfit — “totes” exciting for a middle schooler coming from a fashionista style reporter!

"You're hired!" says Bill Rancic to Kimberlee Mitchell

Babyproofing Bill

Bill is a handy guy and like many dads, he wanted to protect his boy from any dangers that might be lurking in is home.  However, after he made few trips to the store and started to install the child safety devices he realized something was off.  Much of the product he purchased didn’t fit and work properly.  As you could see in the episode, the under the sink cabinet pulled open and the lock fell off! The challenge was that the Rancic’s home had many custom features that required pro-grade product not available in retail stores. Another example of this disconnect was that their stair bottom required extra wide gates plus a custom gate mount to attach the gate between the wall and ornamental baluster — a task far too difficult for non-skilled tradesman.  The common issue parents have with baby gates is, it’s hard to know which one to buy. The sales clerks at the retail store don’t know enough detail about all the array of gates they carry or how to install them to properly field customer questions. This results in many folks, like Bill & Giuliana, buying the wrong gates that don’t fit and a lot of frustrated customers left with no solution (not to mention thousands of product returns for the retailer and many returns for the manufacturer.) Professional Childproofers can save you from this frustration and waste of time.  We assess the area that needs to be gated and then “prescribe” you the specific gate that meets your specific needs for your home. No, it’s not brain surgery but when you have a baby that is moving around quickly around the stairs and you can’t solve the safety conundrum in your house it becomes stressful very quickly. I’ve seen this hundreds of times. Calling a childproofing pro for help ends up being an invaluable service to folks that need a little helping hand.

 You’re Hired!

Throughout the entire shoot, Bill was an eager yet humble student and wanted to learn all he could about childproofing and child safety. Giuliana was sold from the get-go but Bill had many questions and wanted to drill down on some things that had tripped him up.  He was pretty shocked about all he had overlooked but felt comfort in knowing help had arrived.  After we walked the house to check his work he was adamant about asking me to grade his work like a “teacher” would her student. Uh oh. I had to think fast. How could anyone fail this proactive well-meaning daddy with such amazing intentions? So I gave him an A for effort!  He was quite surprised but grateful as his lovely wife looked on.  I had spared him. Over the past ten years, I’ve found myself in the middle of this familiar pickle time and time again and this celebrity couple was no different than other parents.  Then at that moment, Bill repeated to me the same golden words he once heard from his millionaire mentor Donald Trump, “You’re hired!”

Well, maybe they’re a little different!


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