Budget Friendly Babyproofing Tips

5 Budget Friendly Childproofing Tips

Most families are looking for areas where they can cut back and stretch the dollar these days.  I get it; my family is doing the same thing.  Childproofing is not an area that should be omitted because unintentional injury continues to be the #1 cause of death for children between the ages of one and four, according to Safe Kids USA.  Here are five money saving tips for budget conscious parents in need of home childproofing:

1)    Establish Off-Limits Rooms:

Locking off certain portions of the house is the most cost effective way to childproof the home.  Just be sure to be militant about not allowing baby/child into those rooms.  Use a door knob cover or a top door lock to make the room inaccessible to little ones.  For extra dangerous rooms and in home where humans may not be compliant with using safety devices, use two barriers of defense.

2)      Create a Safe Play Zone:

Choose an area in your home where your child can be free to roam and then childproof it like Fort Knox.  A common choice for this space is the family “great room” where your whole clan spends the most time together. Gate off this area to limit child’s access out of the room (i.e. block off hallway, stairs, kitchen, etc.) and address all child safety hazards in the room.

3)      DIY Childproofing:

Just like on HGTV, doing it yourself can save you some cash but it does require a bit of skill.  For many folks the task of childproofing can be daunting and frustrating (due to the vast variables every home presents) so hiring a professional childproofer to do the initial consultation will give you peace of mind that all the hazards have been addressed as well as a clear blue print for what needs to be done.

4)      Half DIY & Half Professional:

Tackle some of the simple tasks on your own (outlet covers, padding, cord cleats/shorteners, wire cover, etc.) to save cash and leave the “heavy lifting” (i.e. more complicated gate mounts, Plexiglas installation, window guards, magnetic locks, etc.) to the trained pros!

5)      Start Early & Get Ahead of the Curve:

Once baby arrives life seems to go into warp speed, so get an early jump on childproofing and start during pregnancy.  Begin your ongoing education in child safety with reading up on the web.  Then make an appointment for your in-home consultation with a professional childproofer near you and then begin tackling the installation a little bit at a time.  This works like a built in payment plan making it affordable yet still resulting in safety for your baby and peace of mind for mom and dad.

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