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Kimberlee Conducting Home Childproofing Consult to be Baby Addison Safe And Give Her Momma Peace of Mind


In 2012, I will celebrate my 10th anniversary as an injury prevention professional.

If I had to place one main theme on all I’ve done and seen, I’d have to say that parents need to be more injury prevention-minded (in ALL environments not just the home) until their children have moved out and are on their own.  Unfortunately, some folks consider “proofing” to be a one time installation of safety devices and not much else.

Each age opens up new potential dangers and requires alterations in your parenting. Keeping your child safe requires constant child safety education for you, imparting safety to them, keeping abreast of recalls,  thinking a few steps ahead, changing old habits and of course vigilant supervision.

This is a frame of mind, action and education all wrapped up into one and it’s now my life goal to impart it to you so your children can live long, happy, safe lives and you can have peace of mind.  It’s a lot of work but there are some great professionals available to you to lend a hand with some of this neverending job.

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