For Expecting, New Parents & Grandparents

Creating a safe, hazard-free home environment is one the first, and often overwhelming, responsibilities you have as a new parent. Time flies once the baby is born so get ahead-of-the-curve and begin the childproofing process during pregnancy when time and sleep are plenty!

Keep in mind that a large part of keeping your baby from harm has nothing to do with child safety devices but more so with the parents becoming educated about their hidden home hazards and injury prevention.  There’s a lot to learn so starting early with your information gathering process as opposed to cramming it all in the week baby starts crawling!

It can be overwhelming to go it alone. Start by calling the pros and schedule a professional childproofing consultation.  The trained child safety consultant will walk you through every room of your home, locate both obvious and hidden hazards and then give you their recommendations and an estimate for the job.  Once you’re aware of the entire size and scope of your childproofing needs you can use the consult as a blue print and DIY or leave the heavy lifting to the pros.