Ensuring Safety on the INSIDE of Your Vehicle

CPS Tech & Child Safety Expert Kimberlee Mitchell Looking on as Kennedy Word Properly Secures His Daughter Kendall Word's Child Restraint Harness

There’s no delicate way around the truth. The #1 cause of death to young children is motor vehicle accidents. In fact the statistic is chilling: five American children are killed every day in a car accident.

NHTSB studies have shown that small children in rear-facing car seats are five times safer than children in forward-facing car seats yet parents are not getting this message. In addition, poorly designed car seats, improper installation and poor seat fit can effect how well a car seat protects in a car crash.

In other countries like Sweden, children remain in rear-facing car seats until they are 4-years-old. Why we don’t do this in the U.S., I don’t quite understand.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Before you hit the road make sure the car is not a danger zone.  Does the child restraint (aka car seat fit) your car?   Is it installed in the safest location in the car?  Is the child restraint installed correctly?  Unbeknownst to parents, up to 90% of child restraints on the road are incorrectly installed.

Bottom line, it’s best to educate yourself and then get help from the pros when installing your car seat — and there’s a lot of help available to you!

NHTSA’s Free Car Seat Installation locator helps you find FREE help in your area

SAFETY IN MOTION Makes House Calls for fee: Car Seat Installation Service in Orange County

NOTE: Vehicle safety goes far beyond the correct car seat. Inside the car can be a lethal environment for everyone in the car if you don’t change some old habits and take proper precautions.

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