Creating a Safe Home & Yard for Your Pet



For some people, their first role as a parent is to a furry and four legged baby.  That’s my story.  My husband and I “started a family” by adopting our beloved dog Gracie from the Amanda Foundation before we had children.  And lemme tell you, Gracie was our first “baby!”  Like human babies, dogs and cats need a safe home environment.

The home is a hazard zone for pets so educating yourself about pet safety is the first precaution pet owners should take.  Much like children, pets are propelled by curiosity and are not aware of the potential dangers in the household and so they can get themselves into trouble when not supervised. 

Need help installing pet barriers?  The best professional childproofing services also offer petproofing. There a many similarities and products that crossover to help protect the furry babies as well as the human ones!

“Companion animals don’t realize anti-freeze is poisonous — they just think it tastes great. Electrical cords often look like fun chew toys. And the kitchen and garage are full of delicious “treats” to get into,” explains the American Humane Society.

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